• the RARE ones

    • Skyfall II

      Briotett, Hibiscus liqueur Briotett, finest call puree passion,Absolut Vodka Pear, Top up with grapefruit soda. Passion, sour, sweet… A trilogy of different tastes… Create the absolute combination of a Worldwide Awarded Cocktail.

    • Passionate

      Lime, passion fruit syrup Giffard, puree passion Ponthier, puree pineapple Funkin, mandarin liqueur Giffard, fresh pineapple puree, Vodka. Since when can a cocktail become a passion? Since time comes to taste the “Passionate”. With fresh passion fruit, pineapple & lime wedges, it combines sweet n' sour flavors.

    • Pink Lady

      Fresh lime, passion fruit syrup Giffard, mixed berries - raspberry, fresh pineapple, caramel liqueur Giffard, Lychee Liqueur Giffard, Absolut Vodka pear. An amazingly refreshing pink temptation, served in a glass. With a sweet and candy taste and a touch of fresh lychee, it is considered as the best choice for women.

    • Viva la Rouge

      Tequila, fresh lime, ginger, agave syrup, prickly pear puree, pineapple puree, orange bitter. The white tequila with the flavors of agave and prickly pear creates a unique tasty experience!

    • Aperol Spritz

      Aperol, prosecco & soda. An Italian creation with sparkling wine that constitutes the ultimate summer choise.

    • the GIN ones

    • Bubble Gum Kiss

      Frozen mixed berries in the shaker, lime, bubble gum syrup- Giffard, orgeot puree-Ponthier, lychee
      puree-Ponthier, mastic, gin.

      Feel the sweetness of a kiss in your lips… by the
      “Bubble Gum Kiss”!! With fresh tropical fruits & mastic Skinos.

    • Cervi

      Fresh lime, gin, violet syrup, ginger, crème de cassis.

      A unique summer proposal based on gin, combining
      the aromatic violet with the exotic ginger.

    • the RUM ones

    • Spa Mojito

      Lime, cucumber syrup, green apple- Funkin, Manzana liqueur, Rum Plantation 3*, fresh mint leaves, Ice -Top up with soda. Time to try an alternative cocktail...!!!
      A summer tasteful blend based on rum, cucumber
      syrup and fresh green mint.

    • Mango Caramel Daiquiri

      Fire water Scrappy’s Bitters, lime, mango syrup, dash fire water bitter, puree mango Mixer, puree pineapple Funkin, Caramel Toffee liqueur Giffard, Mangalore liqueur.
      A spicy choice, with tropical flavors of mango and

    • Cocolada

      Coco Lopez Cream Coconut, Passion fruit puree Ponthier, peach puree Mixer, Strawberry Puree Mixer, Rum Agricole. Travel to exotic places with the “Cocolada” by enjoying
      coconut combined with other tropical fruits.

    • the FAMOUS ones

    • Daiquiri

      Mango strawberry caramel

    • Porn Star

    • Mojito

    • Caipirinia

    • Mai Tai

    • Margarita

    • Zombie


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