CERVI, apart from a unique recreation, relaxation and entertainment destination, is offered as an ideal proposition for events in Elafonisos and the celebrations of your important moments.

It is a special place next to the exotic beach of Mikros Simos, which guarantees to travel you and your guests to taste and enjoy.

Our goal is that every event in Elafonisos will be a memorable reminder for you and your guests since we provide a high level of service, unique service, a variety of gastronomic options, flexible to the needs of each event and high aesthetics.

We undertake to fully design and realize a dreamy celebration for any occasion. That’s why CERVI is an excellent choice for hosting your every event!

The CERVI team organizes, according to your needs and needs, every occasion:

Wedding receptions

CERVI’s dedicated team takes over the organization of the wedding feast from the first minute. With the right advice and suggestions, we guarantee an inspired reception according to your needs and personal style at CERVI’s premises.
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Baptism event

With attention to detail and emphasis on your child’s big day, CERVI’s people will arrange to organize and design a special baptism celebration from start to finish. The comfort of our facilities promises a delightful holiday atmosphere for both young and old .
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Corporate events and presentations

Ensure the most successful corporate events in CERVI’s impressive venue. Our people will take care of the perfect organization and technical support of your business events, such as promotional events, corporate presentations, awards, etc.
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Birthdays, celebrations and family anniversaries

On days of special importance to your life, you must celebrate with your loved ones. Get freely involved in this, as the experienced CERVI staff will take care of everything else: the environment, food and entertainment.


CERVI team’s services and services include, among other things:

  • Catering for up to 400 people
  • The layout of the room
  • The decoration
  • The musical coverage
  • The photographing of the reception
  • The preparation of a festive atmosphere with professional lighting and fireworks
  • The transfer of guests upon agreement with the staff CERVI
  • Reception of guests
We, the cervi people, with respect for diversity and the natural environment, have created the appropriate infrastructure so that all our facilities can be accessed by people with disabilities, which are served as a priority within them.
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